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Adolphe Rouleau Portrait, supplement to the June 2, 1905 addition of La Vie au Grand Air.

A feature on the Italian fencer, Pini, whom the author, Gustave de Lafreté, credits with helping to popularize the sport. Describing Pini as having the flexibility, speed, and strength of a panther, de Lafreté covers Pini’s achievements as an athlete…

A portrait of Maitre d'Armes Conte holding a sabre in the sport magazine La Vie au Grande Air - Sports Celebrities Gallery. A supplement to the February 4, 1904 issue.

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First in a series of fencer vignettes, this one highlighting Maître d'Armes Louis Mérignac preparing to give a lesson.

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Illustrated newspaper article on the return of Italian fencing master Pini to Paris, and about his acclaim and school in Buenos Aries, Argentina.

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Article on an amateur and professional fencing tournament in Limoges, France. The tournament for both foil and épée drew competitors from France, Italy, and Belgium. Controversy arose as some of the professional jury's decisions led to protests and…

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Notice of a duel between Monsieur Thomeguex, a well-known amateur and Barré, a left-handed fencing master. The duel was led by Monsieur Breittmayer. After thirty-five minutes with no result, Mr. Breittmayer appealed to the two opponents attempting to…

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