How Your Contributions Help

How You Benefit from Contributing

What You Can Contribute

We believe that quality of photography is critical to the research and aesthetic value of our digital collection. Therefore, while we develop our photographic guidelines for three-dimensional objects (i.e. swords, masks, gloves) we're currently looking for only the following contributions:

Scans of Flat Objects

Scans of flat illustrations, prints, newspapers, postcards, etc. are very easily added to our collection. Please reference the directions below for size, resolution and other requirements

Scanning Directions for Flat Objects

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Objects in Other Museums

If you find a fencing sword, print, postcard, illustration, etc. on another museum's website you can submit the link to us and we'll handle the rest. Conglomerating the various fencing objects from around the world's museums helps new researchers find them.

Submit a Found Item

Swords, Masks, and Larger Collections:

If you have a sword, mask, glove, or larger collection we would love to hear from you. Send us an email and we'll discuss the details.