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Paul Károly Pesthy (left) fencing epee with Robert Beck at the 1964 Olympic Trials occurring in conjunction with the 1964 New York World's Fair. Pesthy competed in the 1964 Olympic Games in the men's team foil and modern pentathlon team events,…

Grigory Kriss (left, Soviet Union) at the moment of defeating Bill Hoskyns (right, Great Britain) for the gold medal in the Men's Individual Epee competition.

Yves Dreyfus of France and István Kausz of Hungary during a men's fencing team match at the 1964 Olympics.

Tokio - Jeux Olympiques - le Français Dreyfus au cours de son assaut contre le Hongrois Kausz dans la compétition "Epee Par…

Two fencers pictured during a match at the 1964 Olympics.

Ildikó Ujlaky of Hungary (left) and Lyudmila Shishova of Russia (right) engaged in a match during the women's team fencing finals at the 1964 Olympics.

Two fencers engaged in a match at the 1964 Olympics.

Marie-Chantal Depetris of France (left) and Janet C. Bewley Cathie of Great Britain (right) shown during the elimination round of the Women's Team Fencing event at the 1964 Olympics.

The Russian, Polish, and French Men's Fencing Teams shown on the winners' podium at the 1964 Olympics. The Russian team (center) finished first, the Polish team (left) won second place, and the French team (right) placed third.

Two fencers engaged in a match during the 1964 Olympics. The individual on the left appears braced for an attack while their opponent is shown mid-leap.

Antonella Ragno of Italy wins Bronze in individual foil at the 1964 Olympics. Text on back of photograph details her Olympic history (including her future 1972 gold medal win, indicating the information was added at a later date).

Tibor Pézsa of Hungary wins gold in individual sabre at the 1964 Olympics

Two Fencers compete at the 1964 Olympics.

A Fencer at the 1964 Olympics is examined by medical staff.

The Polish team celebrates Egon Franke's win for Individual Foil at the 1964 Olympics
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