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Yves Dreyfus of France and István Kausz of Hungary during a men's fencing team match at the 1964 Olympics.

Tokio - Jeux Olympiques - le Français Dreyfus au cours de son assaut contre le Hongrois Kausz dans la compétition "Epee Par…

Marie-Chantal Depetris of France (left) and Janet C. Bewley Cathie of Great Britain (right) shown during the elimination round of the Women's Team Fencing event at the 1964 Olympics.

The Russian, Polish, and French Men's Fencing Teams shown on the winners' podium at the 1964 Olympics. The Russian team (center) finished first, the Polish team (left) won second place, and the French team (right) placed third.

Jean-Pierre Allemand of France celebrates his victory over Switzerland's Peter Loocher at the 1968 Olympic Finals.

France's Jacques Édmond Émile Lefèvre (left) competing against Antonio Haro Oliva (Mexico) in the final pool of the Individual Sabre championship of the 1948 Olympic Games at the Palace of Engineering, Wembley, London, today, August 13. The title was…

Hugh Alessandroni and Jean Piot pictured fencing foil during the 1932 Olympic games.

Caption on reverse:
Hugh Allesandroni [sic], American foilsman, pictured winning from Jean Piot, French ace, 5-2 in the American-French team competitions of the…

Portrait of the 1932 French Olympic Fencing Team. From left to right: Georges Eugène William Buchard, Bernard Jules Robert Schmetz, Jean Piot, Philippe Louis Eugène Cattiau, Fernand Jourant, Georges Charles Armand Tainturier.

Caption on…

Fencing Team winners of the 1932 Olympics line up for awards. Teams pictured from left to right: Italy, France, United States.

The French Fencing Team at the 1928 Olympics. Their cardigans feature the French Gallic Rooster. It's possible this is a photo of the epee team, who won silver at these games. Possible identifications from left to right are: Émile Cornic, Armand…
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