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Bout with Ferenk Torok of Hungary. At the end of this day of fencing Torok had tied for first place with his team mate Istven Mona.

Caption on reverse:
FERENK TOROK (29) actual campeon olimpico, en uno de sus 47 asaltos de la larguisima jornada…

Yves Dreyfus of France and István Kausz of Hungary during a men's fencing team match at the 1964 Olympics.

Tokio - Jeux Olympiques - le Français Dreyfus au cours de son assaut contre le Hongrois Kausz dans la compétition "Epee Par…

Ildikó Ujlaky of Hungary (left) and Lyudmila Shishova of Russia (right) engaged in a match during the women's team fencing finals at the 1964 Olympics.

Tibor Pézsa of Hungary wins gold in individual sabre at the 1964 Olympics

View of the Individual Sabre Championship at Wembley's Palace of Engineering, London. Hungary's Pál Ádám Kovács (left) is seen during his bout with Antonio Haro Oliva (Mexico). The finals ended with Kovács occupying the third place to compatriot…

Hungarian Fencer Ödön Tersztyánszky at the 1928 Olympics. Won Gold in Men's Sabre.

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